Jon Anderson Architecture is an award winning architectural firm specializing in the innovative and progressive design of residential and commercial projects in the Southwest. The firm is setup around an architectural design studio philosophy dedicated to producing the highest quality product possible. An experienced staff with a complete understanding of current methodology, technology and materials allows for an unparalleled level of creativity, affordability and sustainability.

Founded in 1991 Jon Anderson Architect has won numerous design awards from the American Institute of Architects. The work has been featured in architectural books and periodicals internationally. Jon Anderson brings 37 years of experience to the firm with design responsibility on a multitude of project types in a local and national setting. In honor of his significant contribution to architecture, Jon was elected to the AIA College of Fellows in 2012.

JAA believes that innovation and creativity are a derivative of balancing the systems of program, economy, site, and the human sense of well-being. Although our approach can be pragmatic and meet the practical programmatic requirements, our projects transcend the ordinary by making every design decision meaningful in terms of craft and economy, and most importantly keeping the conditions for the occupants comfortable and conducive to mental and physical well-being. JAA's environmental view toward design starts with considering the placement of the building on the site. By taking into consideration the environmental impacts of heat gain, heat loss and day lighting, the building's life-cycle costs can be minimized. In addition, life-cycle cost analyses that consider daily operation and maintenance is also of prime concern. JAA's cost-effective award-winning designs are achieved through balanced compositions of basic geometries. Standardized readily-available building components are utilized as another method to keep costs down. The design strategies described are employed without compromising visually compelling interior spaces and work in tandem with the primary focus of the building program.

JAA employs an in-house staff of 5 including Jon Anderson. All three associates are registered architects in the state of New Mexico and have numerous years of experience managing projects. An office this size means that everyone participates in all aspects of the process and are therefore well-informed of the project details. As our track record demonstrates, this approach has been an asset for our clients.