Hope Christian Elementary

Our second project for Hope Christian School is in schematic design. This time JAA is undertaking the design of a new elementrary school building for the current campus.

Arroyo Del Oso

JAA is currently in the schematic design phase of a new elementary school project for Albuquerque Public Schools. The scope is a complete remodel of the existing Arroyo Del Oso Elementary School facilities as well as the adjacent APS owned park. So as to ensure that a quality learning environment is maintained throughout construction, the new facilities will be built in place of the existing park, allowing both construction and curriculum to proceed uninterrupted while a new park is designed and constructed in place of the existing buildings once the new structure is occupied. The conceptual basis of the building’s design was inspired by the symbol of Arroyo Del Oso Elementary: the Zuni Bear, or Heartline Bear, which represents the transition of passions into wisdom in Zuni Culture.

ON THE BOARDS - CNM/APS Joint Use Facility

This project is a joint venture between Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) and Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) in which both APS and CNM plan to bring three distinct educational entities to one facility. Two APS High Schools, the College and Career High School and the Native American Community Academy will share the facility with CNM’s School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences in order to create a complex network of challenges and opportunities and celebrate a coming together of different people from varying pedagogical philosophies and developmental stages of life.

ON THE BOARDS - Barker Baker House
Barker Baker House

ON THE BOARDS - Big Horn Ridge House
Big Horn Ridge House

ON THE BOARDS - Sandia BMW Remodel
Sandia BMW Remodel

ON THE BOARDS - Loid's Collision Center
Loid's Collision Center

Santa Fe BMW

JAA is currently designing a major renovation and addition to the BMW dealership for the owner who is one of our favorite long-time clients. BMW considers architecture critical to a client's experience as it must embody BMW's corporate image and reinforce the BMW philosophy. The origin of this BMW philosophy goes back to Bauhaus design principles that combine simple precision with captivating dynamics – and an innovative engineering vision matched by fascinating aesthetic appeal. Orthogonal, linear, overlapping wall and roof slabs slightly offset, layered in different heights, create the impression of a freely hovering roof and floating walls. The design of the showroom is predicated on an absolute distinction between structure and enclosure by using a regular grid of steel columns interspersed by freely spaced planes. The building will be completed in March of 2016.

ON THE BOARDS - Albuquerque High School
Albuquerque High School

Albuquerque High School, being the oldest high school in the city and located in the heart of the city, serves not only Albuquerque Public Schools but the city at large. The main component of the renovations was to create a new school commons for the campus within a severely restricted footprint. Originally, an exterior courtyard and a skylight provided some daylight to the existing student commons, but the space was dismal and shut off from the campus. The daylighting was insufficient and masonry walls and multiple levels distanced the existing commons from being an integrated space for the school. The exterior courtyard, while providing a much needed secure outdoor space, physically is an obstacle for the circulation of the school. The renovation for the commons was seen as an extraction of space within the restricted footprint.

Community Center for the Arts & Culture

The Civic Center for the Arts and Culture (CCAC) in Cuidad Juarez is envisioned as a multi-dimensional community center and school for the arts. It is meant to be the home for music and cultural programs to be used by the families of S-Mart employees and as a community outreach hub. It is to allow for many uses (and user diversity) to overlap blending fine and performing arts, traditional classrooms, and indoor and outdoor play areas into a cohesive communal asset. The design challenge is to develop a Center that welcomes the community providing a sense of ownership and belonging while recognizing the sensitive security issues of a city in a state of rebuilding. The building will be completed in June of 2016.

ON THE BOARDS - Sarabande Bed and Breakfast
Sarabande Bed and Breakfast

Our client purchased a run-down 5,000 square foot Bed & Breakfast in Albuquerque's North Valley area with the goal of revitalizing the property by juxtaposing its existing rustic garden character against a clean and modern backdrop. By stripping away the applied ornamentation of articulated parapet caps and faux pueblo detailing, surfaces and facades are visually decluttered to move away from kitsch to a more ambient sophistication while maintaining a comfortable charm.

Interiors have been opened up and brightened with large windows, white plaster walls, traditional exposed viga wood ceilings. Cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, and lighting has been replaced with clean modern lines set against the texture of existing saltillo tile and flagstone. The entry sequence has been enhanced by layering spaces along an axis beginning at an entry portico through a wall with punched openings via reclaimed wood gates, a covered patio open to a light filled brick courtyard, and finally, a covered outdoor hallway or Zaguản leading to the swimming pool beyond.The building will be will be completed in August of 2015.

ON THE BOARDS - Santa Fe MINI | BMW Motorrad
Santa Fe MINI | BMW Motorrad

This is a new 12,000 square feet automobile dealership in Santa Fe. It will be divided between MINI Cooper cars and BMW motorcycles. Similar to the MINI dealership we designed in Albuqerque, this one will feature a unique car display tower to show off some of the latest models. The building is currently under construction and will be completed in August of 2015.

ON THE BOARDS - Co-Lab Southwest (George I. Sanchez Collaberative Community School)
Co-Lab Southwest

This will be the new Southwest Pre-K thru 8 Prototype School and will be located directly south of Atrisco Heritage Academy High School and is to be planned for 1,300 students and 90 staff members. The 46 acre parcel selected to be the site, slopes down eighty five feet from west to east. The new Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade School seeks to eliminate elementary and middle school overcrowding in the SW quadrant of the District. The campus will be comprised of 74 classrooms, 2 gymnasiums, shared kitchen/cafeteria, and shared multi-media center. There will be additional specialized spaces as required by the different grade levels. The building will be minimum LEED Silver and will be completed in August of 2015.

ON THE BOARDS - Splay House
Splay House

This is a new house we're working on for some great clients! The challenge was to design a home which preserved the natural mountainous character of the site while celebrating the grandeur of the mountain and the limitless western views toward Albuquerque's Rio Grande River Valley. The lot sits at the foot of the Sandia Mountains and extends dramatically down a steep slope spotted with massive granite boulders and native vegetation. Click here to see more pictures.

ON THE BOARDS - Native American Community Academy
Native American Community Academy

JAA is currently working on the design for a new 75,000 square feet charter school in Albuquerque. The new school will be home to middle school and high school Native American students from pueblos and tribes all over the U.S. The site is located on the east escarpment near University Arena (The Pitt). The site has an approximate 45 feet of grade change which affords unimpeded views of the west mesa, downtown Albuquerque, and the volcanoes. The project will utilize terraced gardens to ameliorate the massive grade change issues as well as provide the students with opportunities to grow their own food. The project is currently early in the Schematic Design phase and is awaiting approval from Albuquerque Public Schools to proceed. Click here to see more pictures.

ON THE BOARDS - Anderson-Daby Residence
Anderson-Daby Residence

Jon is trying to build a new house for his family on a lot he owns just East of the office. It's in the Fourth Ward Historic Overlay Zone and has to be approved by the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission. The design guidelines do not want you to imitate contributing buildings. It says that new construction shall be unique in design but shall relate to contributing buildings in scale, proportion and massing. So far Jon has not received approval. After 4 public hearings, the LUCC voted to not approve the design and Jon has written an appeal to be heard in front of the City Council. Location: 908 Roma Avenue NW