Albuquerque, New Mexico
Remodel and addition of house built in 1961

Phase I & II Project Team:
Architect: Jon Anderson
Devin Cannady, JAA
General Contractor: Sunbelt Properties

Phase III & IV Project Team:
Architect: Jon Anderson
Kevin Sweet, JAA
Jarrod Arellano, JAA
General Contractor: Paul Kenderdine

Phase V Project Team:
Architect: Jon Anderson
Project Manager: Arturo Nunez
General Contractor: Paul Kenderdine

2005 Albuquerque Su Casa Magazine Design Honor Award
2005 AIA Albuquerque Design Honor Award
2003 AIA New Mexico Design Merit Award

Completed in 2009 | Photographs by Kirk Gittings
Project Narrative:

This project is a remodel of a house built in the close-in Northeast Heights of Albuquerque in 1961. The clients, an Orthopedic Surgeon and Architecture Graduate with four daughters, purchased this house because of its distinct modern aesthetic. To minimize the cost impacts, the work was divided into 5 phases. Phases 1 and 2 were comprised of major renovations to the existing roof structure, flooring, kitchen, windows, casework, and fireplace. Phase 3 addressed all of the exterior work and included landscaping, a new pool and pool house. Phase 4 consisted of remodeling four bedrooms and four bathrooms on the east end of the project.

The family’s need to expand beyond the existing limitation created an opportunity to extrude a space from the existing house that was both inspiring and functional (Phase V). With the girls growing up into young women this space had to provide a sense of limitless boundaries by providing connections beyond the space both virtually and physically and adapting to the family’s changing needs. The space functions as a media room, a music practice space, a place to do homework, and simply a gathering space.