Loid’s Collision is an auto body paint and repair shop that specializes in repairing high end vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, and Ferrari. The client had outgrown the building they were in and was able to purchase a distressed 1 ¾ acre property with an existing 13,000 s.f. pre-engineered building that had been abandoned due to foundation settling. The southernmost two bays of the structure had sunk almost two feet due to improper soil preparation since the site was over a historical landfill. We were tasked with remediating and remodeling the existing structure to serve as the body shop as well as constructing a new 5,000 s.f. detached building to house the paint shop.
In order to repair the existing structure, the last two bays were demolished, and a new addition was constructed with foundations placed on helical piers to span over the trash and debris buried below. As we designed the new addition, we began to think of the design intervention as what Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown referred to as a “decorated shed”, with a rhetorical front and conventional behind. The symbol for this “decoration” applied to the front façades is an abstraction of carbon fiber, the material from which many modern car parts are made.

Albuquerque, NM

16,376 SF

Auto Body Paint & Repair Shop

Jon Anderson, FAIA

Project Manager:
Dean Cowdrey, AIA

General Contractor:
Paul W. Kenderdine Inc.

Kirk Gittings

2020 AIA New Mexico Design Citation Award
2019 AIA Albuquerque Design Honor Award