The dynamic and powerful presence of the Sandia Mountains inspired a young family of four to purchase a prime lot in the foothills of the High Desert Subdivision in Albuquerque. An Open Space Reserve bridges the lot and mountain allowing unobstructed views for the foreseeable future.
The goals for the design were to celebrate the intimacy/grandeur of the mountain and views in all directions, to nestle quietly into the high desert landscape, to harmonize with the family’s lifestyle, and to support entertaining of friends and family all while meeting the strict design guidelines of the development.
The house is oriented to align with Sandia Peak with the parti described as high volume public spaces flanked by semi-public spaces to the west and private spaces to the east. The slope of the butterfly roof over the main space axis tilts gently to the main entry and more drastically toward the mountains so that the viewer inside can see the mountain ridge touch the sky. The material palette is meant to borrow from the texture and colors of the landscape including traditional cement stucco, stained polished concrete floors to match the site soils, the warm pine ceiling, and the interior earth clay plaster. The design strives to blend and to serve as a window to appreciate the New Mexican landscape.

Albuquerque, NM

5,867 SF

Private Residence

Jon Anderson, FAIA

Project Manager:
James Lucero, AIA

General Contractor:
Supple Homes Inc.

Kirk Gittings

2018 AIA New Mexico Design Citation Award
2017 AIA Albuquerque Design Citation Award